31 Times Restaurants Tried A Little Too Hard To Be Instagram-Worthy

1.The chef that served these fried green beans in a pot...which is lodged in a running shoe, which I, personally, would put on to run away from this establishment once and for all:

closeup of the fries in a running shoe
u/SurroundAccurate / Reddit / Via

2.This sushi restaurant that said, 'Seafood, m'lady?'

served on a straw hat with vines around it
u/SuperJezus / Reddit / Via

3.This restaurant that seemingly ran out of clean bowls, because I cannot fathom why else someone would serve this in a measuring cup:

soup served in a measuring cup
u/libraryalexandrea / Reddit / Via

4.The chef that said, "Well, these pot stickers are gonna stick to a pot one way or another, I guess:"

potstickers as the base for a planted pot
u/bertthadonk / Reddit / Via

5.The way this restaurant presented these *checks notes* fried pork nipples (???) on a ceramic pig with flutes of hot pork broth to wash it all down:

the ceramic pig is on it's back and the food nipples are on its belly

6.This restaurant, which took "shoveling food in your mouth," like, super literally:

food served on a mini shovel
u/Crumpeh / Reddit / Via

7.This chef that very logically served this coleslaw in a frying pan, which is an integral tool in the coleslaw-making process, as you all know:

  u/lifeofloulabelle / Reddit / Via
u/lifeofloulabelle / Reddit / Via

8.The chef who made the conscious decision to serve these crackers on an upside-down shoe which is itself wedged in a tiny bowl of grass:

closeup of the hiking boot and mini shovel on the table
u/PiraatPaul / Reddit / Via

9.The restaurant behind this deconstructed cheeseburger served on dried leaves, wood, and branches, aka basically a deconstructed burger on a deconstructed tree:

closeup of the display on the table that looks like shaven pieces of bark and large dried leaves
u/Karline-Industries / Reddit / Via

10.The restaurant that took a charcuterie board — which is famously served on an easy-to-eat board — and put it all in a glass:

cheese and meet rolled into a glass
u/BullpupPewPew / Reddit / Via

11.This restaurant that, I will admit, kinda popped off with this presentation, but I am, like, 1000% sure there's month-old cotton candy gunk in all its lil; nooks and crannies:

roman bust with hair made of cotton candy
u/verysmallgirl / Reddit / Via

12.The chef that served these appetizers on nails that I really hope come with a complimentary tetanus shot for dessert:

closeup of the nails being used as skewers
u/MrsSylvney / Reddit / Via

13.This restaurant, which started off the meal strong by serving the bread in *checks notes* a Versace shoe???

the shoe on the table

14.And this restaurant, which put these appetizers in my version of a Versace shoe, aka a Croc:

Croc stan 4 life <3

Croc stan 4 life

Anonymous / Via

15.Honestly I don't think I even need to comment on this one, the lamb chop served on a tablet truly speaks for itself:

the food is served on electronic tablets
u/itsjacques / Reddit / Via

16.The chef who, personally, I imagine has to chug a can of soda on the spot every time someone orders this dish:

food served on top of a crushed can
u/moritzmadafaka / Reddit / Via

17.The part-time snowboarder, full-time chef who absolutely had a 3 a.m. aha! moment and came into work the next day to serve pizza like this:

pizza served on a snowboard
u/HarryFlashman1927 / Reddit / Via

18.The chef who plated this and said, "chugga chugga choo choo, open up!"

wings served on a train
u/MKOz123 / Reddit / Via

19.The place that served these "pork loin tacos" that I will not comment on, because I was told if you have nothing nice to say, you probably shouldn't say anything at all <3:

deconstructed tacos with meat that looks raw
u/scroti_mcboogerballs / Reddit / Via

20.The chef behind this complete prime rib dinner served in a martini glass that is pure nightmare fuel for folks who hate their food touching:

everything stuffed into a martini glass
u/officeglenn / Reddit / Via

21.The restaurant that inexplicably served this person a meal in a clean baking dish that was not used to make the meal in any way, shape, or form:

meat and potatoes in a baking sheet
u/tristan_mua / Reddit / Via

22.This restaurant that, per the plate of food in the background, knows how to serve food normally, but decided to say, "Fuck it" and put these sliders and fries in a bucket just because:

sliders in a bucket

23.The restaurant that knows their food is so good, it's a real hidden treasure (and maaaybe ran a bit too far with that idea):

appetizers served in a little treasure chest
u/korinthia / Reddit / Via

24.The restaurant that served this chicken on a stick??? on an upside-down wine glass?? filled with veggies?? And covered in foam??? How do you even eat this??

  u/kd_swagbeast / Reddit / Via
u/kd_swagbeast / Reddit / Via

25.The chef that served these piping hot fries inside a jar that I just know made them immediately soggy as hell:

fries spilling out of a glass jar
u/TheFreakingPrincess / Reddit / Via

26.The chef that chose to serve these croquettes like this, because nothing says "yum" like a pale, severed hand:

large porcelain hand to serve the food
u/coldgerbil / Reddit / Via

27.The restaurant that served this sorbet in an orange peel that, honestly, is fine, but the bed of raw black beans on the bottom is an interesting choice:

closeup of the meal
u/bostonshaker2 / Reddit / Via

28.This restaurant, which — for whatever godforsaken reason —served these fried potatoes on a hacky sack:

closeup of the food
u/ReferenceRelative12 / Reddit / Via

29.The restaurant that decided to be 🤪 wild 🤪 and plated their apps in these wheely contraptions that, according to OP, tipped over whenever they tried to grab a bite with a fork:

little wagons for the food
u/Lady_Luci_fer / Reddit / Via

30.The restaurant that went through the effort of bringing out a whole ass sink, but didn't even fill it with fries:

sink with fries inside and condiments on the side
u/former_retail_worker / Reddit / Via

31.And finally, the chef that I can only imagine ran out of plates and in a pure state of panic, told his crew to plate this burger on a hub cap:

hamburgers and fries on a car's hub cap
u/ap0ll07411 / Reddit / Via

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