Survivor Recap: One Tribe’s Loss Is Another Tribe’s Miracle

I’m going to speak on behalf of Survivor fans everywhere just this once: We never want to see a player go down like that, and not just because Tribal Council was cancelled!

In Wednesday’s episode, a Nami castaway had medical called in due to numbness in his arm and an overall inability to grip with his hand. That poor soul was Randen, who ultimately sat out of this week’s immunity challenge due to his condition. But after consulting with colleagues and conducting some research, the show’s head doctor (along with Jeff) decided to pull him from the game.

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But how did Randen’s medevac wind up helping the Yanu tribe? Let’s break it all down.

First off: poor Bhanu! My man is on the struggle bus, crying after the Jess vote and failing to piece together the almighty “proverb” of Kenny Rogers. (Clearly, he has never heard the American relic that is “The Gambler.”) He’s feeling on the outs and while he may have only brought a good attitude to Fiji, he’s at least wise enough to check Kenzie as a “mermaid dragon.” All seems lost for the guy until Q says that Bhanu can be his “Phillip.” (Oh boy! Anyone else being haunted by visions of pink tighty-whities, right now? Bless you, Phillip “Scoop of the Crispy” Sheppard. Wherever you are.)

Over at SIGA, the tribe decides to idol hunt together, only Jem is the one to find the goods and carefully hide it from the others. After everyone falls asleep, she returns to the spot in question to dig up her idol box, but as we know, that’s about all she can do until her tribe loses an immunity challenge.

IMMUNITY IS BACK UP FOR GRABS | Tribes must make their way through a series of obstacles in the water to the beach, where they then dig up sandbags and toss them onto platforms. A reward is also up grabs in the form of a tool kit and a tarp. Nami, who struggles hard during the water portion, makes a miraculous comeback and it’s all thanks to Hunter’s bag-tossing skills. Yanu, however, loses again, which would’ve landed them at Tribal Council for the third time in a row.

Survivor Season 46 Episode 3
Survivor Season 46 Episode 3

JOURNEY | Liz, Ben and Bhanu are selected for the next journey, but only two of them get a chance to snag an advantage. Like his tribe feared, Bhanu spills his guts to Liz and Ben, telling them that Kenzie is an absolute mastermind — whoops! Liz stays quiet and lets the guy have a total meltdown as he gives them a treasure trove of information. Alas, Liz draws the white rock — no risk, no reward. She heads back to camp while Bhanu and Ben head down separate paths for a little game. They must assemble nine blocks to form a cube before time runs out. If they fail, they lose their vote; win and they’ll receive an advantage. Both guys fail to get it done and say bye-bye to their votes. Sadly for Bhanu, that means no Shot in the Dark either. (You know, if Tribal Council happened.)

Back at camp, Liz and Ben share with their tribes that Kenzie is Yanu’s mastermind. Ben fibs, telling his team that he doesn’t know if he won his task or not. Bhanu tells his tribe that he picked the white rock and didn’t get to play. (Smart.) He then tells Q the truth. (Less smart.) But Q wants Bhanu to stay, saying he can turn a liability into an asset. And so he makes the pitch to Tiffany, but her gut is still telling her to vote Bhanu.

Survivor Season 46 Episode 3
Survivor Season 46 Episode 3

As previously mentioned, NAMI‘s Randen wakes up with tingly sensations and a limp arm, which the doctor thinks could be a pinched nerve in his arm or neck. A scary prognosis when you’re that far from home and sleeping in a jungle. Jeff and Dr. Will pay a second visit to the tribe (never a good sign), and that’s when they reveal that they’re worried Randen’s injury could be a bulging disc pressing on the nerve, which in that case would require surgery. For that reason, they pull him from the game. Tears are shed as Randen exits and Venus loses her No. 1. Totally gutted for the guy.

But the game must go on! And — wait a second — who’s that at Yanu’s camp, now? It’s Jeff Probst!! (Yes, I gasped out loud because we all know what this means.) He tells them about Randen’s medical issue and the Survivor gods have answered Bhanu’s prayers: Tribal Council is CANCELLED! Bhanu and Kenzie are safe… for now.

Sad to see Randen go out like that? Bummed we didn’t get to see a Tribal Council? Let us know by going full tilt boogie in the comments!

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