“Survivor 46” exclusive deleted scene shows storm ripping through camps

“Survivor 46” exclusive deleted scene shows storm ripping through camps

"Get in the shelter now!"

There was a storm brewing this week on Survivor. And we don’t mean that as some analogy to a major conflict or fight between contestants. We mean an actual storm. Only you never saw it on TV.

The contestants of Survivor 46 had a rough go of it on night six of the game, and EW has an exclusive deleted scene of Mother Nature’s wrath, showing all the action and how the different reactions from the three tribes somewhat mirror the tribes themselves in the game.

The scene, which can be watched above, begins on the Siga beach. “Was that thunder?” asks Charlie.

“It’s coming in hot,” responds Maria.

<p>cbs</p> Ben Katzman and Tim Spicer on 'Survivor 46'


Ben Katzman and Tim Spicer on 'Survivor 46'

While the Siga tribe scrambles to collect all their clothes and water bottles and get everyone and everything under the shelter in time, they then do their best to keep survibe-ing and make the best of it. “It sucked on some level, but we just found other things to get our mind off it,” says Ben. “All it takes is one person to say something ridiculously funny and everybody else automatically feels better. In the midst of all the pain from the rain, we're still laughing about funny stuff. I mean, isn't that what you want in life? Isn't that the relationship you hope you have with your loved ones and your friends, to have people carry you through the bad times?”

<p>cbs</p> The Nami tribe on 'Survivor 46'


The Nami tribe on 'Survivor 46'

We then see the Nami tribe, who can’t be all that bummed about anything after all the winning they have been doing in the game. “Sleeping in a rain is beautiful when you're home,” notes Randen. “Sleeping in a rain, in a forest, in a bamboo shelter with palm fronds as a roof is quite miserable. It was the first time all of us were in the shelter at one time. It was cold. The wind was blowing. Thank God the fire held up. A fire is such a morale booster in a tribe. So a flint is everything in this game. You have to fight like all hell for that flint. Thank God we are a group that for some strange reason has every single cog in a machine you want to perform at challenges, and we're all here for a reason and we are all executing at the highest level.”

<p>cbs</p> 'Survivor 46'


'Survivor 46'

But while Siga and Nami were making the best of a miserable situation, the snake-bitten Yanu just seemed plain miserable. “It was throwing salt on a wound, man,” recounts Tiffany. “The water was coming down. Our clothes were soaking wet. It was horrible. I was so cold. I was shaking, like, bro! So we ended up having to go back to the cave. It wasn't even like a real cave. It was just like a wall that curves over the top of us that won't let us get as wet. We were literally sleeping in the dirt. The dirt! We have been eating scraps of coconut. Our shelter isn't even good enough to shield us from the rain, and we don't even have flint yet. We can't do anything right. We need to learn how to get it together, 'cause if we don't, then we're screwed.”

To see just how screwed Yanu was, watch the exclusive deleted scene for yourself above, and make sure to read our full Survivor 46 episode recap.

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