Suriname seeks to attract investors to develop bauxite in country's west

PARAMARIBO (Reuters) - Suriname's government has launched a process to attract potential investors to develop bauxite projects in the so-called Bakhuis area in the west of the country, it said in a statement on Saturday.

Bauxite is the world's main source of aluminum.

Despite a number of failed attempts since the 1970s to develop bauxite projects in Suriname, the growing world population and need for climate adaptation will increase aluminum demand in the coming decades, the statement said.

The government "is working to improve access to the area, create opportunities for vocational training and education there, and improve maritime accessibility," it said, adding that these steps will make the Bakhuis area more attractive than before.

Developing the region will create socio-economic opportunities in west Suriname, the government said, adding that the priority is for investors to involve local communities and for the country to maintain it's green image.

(Reporting by Ank Kuipers; Writing by Oliver Griffin; editing by Diane Craft)