Supercars in dialogue with embattled backer

Andrew van Leeuwen

amid the coronavirus pandemic, casting doubt over its ongoing title sponsorship deal with Supercars, worth in the region of $1.5 million per year.

There is also a question mark over Virgin's ability to service Supercars as its primary carrier once racing resumes, given a significant reduction in services around the country.

According to Seamer he and his team are in "ongoing conversations" with Virgin regarding the upcoming months and what the travel requirements may be.

"Obviously Virgin is going through as tough a time as anybody right now," he said.

"We're in ongoing conversations with them around the permutations of the calendar and the restart plan.

"When we're ready to get going again we look forward to flying with them.

"They've got a smart team there. I know there are a lot of people working hard to get that airline flying again.

"If we're unable to take scheduled services, then we'll work with them on charter options.

"They're a good partner. It wouldn't feel right if we weren't flying with them."

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Seamer wouldn't, however, be drawn on whether or not Supercars is among the 12,000 creditors registered with the administrators.

"Our conversations with Virgin have always been and will remain commercial in confidence," said Seamer.

"What I'll say is that we're working on going racing again, that's our number one focus both internally and also in our discussions with Virgin.

"The administrators will do what they need to do, but we're talking about operational plans about getting going again."