'Give superb prospect Boyd an eight-year contract'

Your views

We asked for your views after Aberdeen's impressive 5-1 win over Aberdeen.

Here's what some of you had to say:

Eric: Another good performance, we created a lot of chances and looked strong at the back. The players look to be enjoying themselves and have belief. I would still like to hear more about player contracts for next season or other clubs will make these decisions for us and we will be back to square one.

Norrie: Nobody in the stadium knew what the penalty was for. Re-refereeing yet another game and incorrectly. Bin VAR. Aberdeen were very good, Dante Polvara gets better every game. A good finish to the season, oh what could have been.

Andy: We need to get Fletcher Boyd on one of those eight-year contracts Chelsea give out. The boy looks a superb prospect.

Chris: The five changes from the Hibs game were a bit of a concern, especially the way the first half went. VAR's intervention for the penalty was ridiculous and I still have no idea why the foul on Ester Sokler wasn't taken into account. The second half was a joy to watch, hopefully recent performances carry on into next season.

Niall: The Dons delivered one of their most dominant displays of the season which will give lots of confidence to the squad. On another night we could have scored five more. The energy, creativity and willingness, that has been sorely lacking for much of this season, was there in abundance. Peter Leven has been transformational with this squad and all credit to him.

Andrew: Very rarely this Season could you say you were expecting a goals fest or a clean sheet but after Sunday's excellent performance I hoped for both again. Leven's much-changed team delivered almost on both, only a soft VAR penalty award robbing us of another clean sheet. The cup semi-final loss is looking like an opportunity missed given our current form!

Alison: Great last home game of the season, just a pity we couldn't have played more like that throughout the season. It's been eye-bleeding stuff watching the Dons this season. Hopefully with the new manager coming in, and some new players, we can look forward to a better new season. A big shoutout has to go to Leven.