'All-time boss move': NFL coach trolls Super Bowl haters

The NFL put together a very cool, very well-received ceremony before Super Bowl LIV in Miami: A celebration, in honour of the league’s 100th season, of the 100 greatest players and coaches in NFL history.

There was one member of that team, however, who was not exactly well-received: New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

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Belichick was booed by a loud majority of fans at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

As he often does, Belichick got the last laugh.

He responded by flexing on his (many) haters like only he can: Flashing his Super Bowl rings. Plural.

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick responded to boos at Super Bowl LIV by showing off three of his six rings during the pre-game show. Picture: Twitter/Fox

Touché, Bill.

And Patriots fans would surely point out that this wasn’t even a peak Belichick flex. He had three rings on. Three of the six he has won in New England.

The Patriots are long gone from the playoffs. But still, on Super Bowl Sunday, they’re reminding us of their 21st century dominance.

Tom Brady thrills Patriots fans with Super Bowl spot

Tom Brady might not be playing in the Super Bowl this year, but the New England Patriots legend can still demand attention when he wants it.

In the lead-up to the Kansas City Chiefs’ clash with the San Francisco 49ers, Brady posted a cryptic image of himself on his Twitter and Instagram pages.

The image, which simply showed Brady walking out of the tunnel in an empty Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts, was not accompanied by any text.

Brady, a record six-time Super Bowl champion, ignited all kinds of rumours and speculation with the post, with some fans predicting the 42-year-old would soon announce his retirement.

The Patriots quarterback was coy about the posts after they went online, telling ESPN fans would ‘figure it out pretty quickly’.

As it turns out, Tom Brady isn’t going anywhere.

The NFL record-holder’s cryptic social media posts were simply a set-up for a Super Bowl ad for American streaming service Hulu.

Brady teased his future plans in the ad before breaking into Hulu ad copy.

He closed the commercial by announcing: “I’m not going anywhere.”