Stunning new claims about reason for A-League Grand Final howler

The A-League Grand Final howler that saw VAR incorrectly rule an offside in the lead up to a goal for Sydney FC against Perth Glory could be down to a lack of access to adequate technology.

Mark Bosnich, speaking on Fox Sports’ Bill and Bozz, said sources told him the VAR booth doesn’t have access to technology that allows them to draw a line across the field to determine offsides.

The controversy comes as Michael Zullo was ruled offside in the build up to a Sydney goal in Sunday night’s decider.

The A-League decision that caused an uproar in the grand final. (Image: Channel 10)

“I’ve got it on very good authority that this [the referees in the booth seeing the same vision] is not entirely true,” the former Premier League goalkeeper said on the show.

“The source that came up and told me this last night before I got on the plane ... basically turned around and said that the pictures we see at home via Fox Sports where we draw the line, the people in the bunker haven’t got that ability to draw the line, which I think is absolutely incredible.”

With Fox Sports footage, with a line drawn across the screen, showing Zullo was onside Bosnich defended the VAR team claiming it puts them in a tough situation.

“It really does put the official in the bunker in a terrible position,” Bosnich continued.

“He’s forced to make a decision where’s it difficult to see with the pitch.

“If that is the case then the whole VAR thing needs to be looked at once again because the bunkers they need to have that, it’s a given.”

The technology has now been slammed for two grand finals in a row after a technical difficulty rendered it unusable for a short period during the final last year in a crucial moment.