Students are becoming ‘academic weapons’ — what does that mean?

Students are becoming “academic weapons” but not exactly how their parents had hoped.

An “academic weapon” is someone with traits that are perceived as “scholarly,” according to Urban Dictionary. The internet slang term first became popular in the 2010s, but it’s seeing a revival again thanks to one TikToker’s viral video.

Penn State University student and influencer Bradley Kraut helped reintroduce the phrase into social media’s current lexicon. He describes himself as an “OG Academic Weapon” and whenever he engages in studious behavior he refers to himself as such.

A video where Kraut is sitting front row at a 700-person lecture has become a viral sound on TikTok.

“Absolute. Academic. Weapon.” Kraut stated from the audience. “Academic weapon!”

The sound has been used in over 20,000 TikTok videos since it was first posted on Sept. 13. People are using the audio to talk about their study habits as academic weapons — some with a hint of irony.

“Me after putting an arrow at the end of a page letting the teacher know to turn to the back,” @gabrielasaraiii said in a video.

“Me after Spending 4 hrs on Math HW that should’ve taken 30 mins,” @grins64 wrote in the video text.

TikToker @yispamm said STEM kids know the struggle of skipping one class to study for another class.

“POV: u have an exam tomorrow but decide to deep clean so you can focus,” @fztoktik joked in a TikTok.

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