Stranger Things star's new movie debuts with 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating

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Stranger Things star's film debuts with 100% on RTGetty Images

Stranger Things star Joseph Quinn may have left the show behind, but his career is soaring — and the reviews for his upcoming movie Hoard are proof.

The Eddie Munson actor stars in the drama written and directed by Luna Carmoon and presented at Venice International Film Festival.

Carmoon's first feature has earned a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes and, though it's too soon to say whether the rating on the review aggregator website will stay this high, it's certainly a promising start.

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Set in 1984 London, the film sees 7-year-old Maria (Lily Beau-Leach) and her mother living "in their own loving world built on sorting through bins and collecting shiny rubbish".

After a dramatic event, we join Maria (Saura Lightfoot Leon) a decade later, now living with her foster mother. An older stranger, Michael (Quinn) enters their home, threatening its stability and opening the door to past trauma and magic.

Also starring Hayley Squires, Deba Hekmat and Cathy Tyson, the film had its world premiere at Venice and currently doesn't have a wider release date. We'll update you as soon as we know more but, in the meantime, let's have a look at what critics had to say about Hoard.

The Guardian

"Everything and the kitchen sink is thrown into this deeply strange and emotionally extravagant story with its continuous topnote of hysteria: and there's a lot of storytelling substance. Hoard isn't perfect but its pure vehemence and the commitment of its performances are arresting."


"The sometimes-rapid shifts in tone, even within the same scene, are aided to tremendous effect by the magnetic, fearless performance from Saura Lightfoot Leon. The newcomer has a background in dance, a vital asset for a role that thrives so much on us being able to understand a complicated character through absorbing meaning from physical movements and mannerisms, when their internal logic is made so enigmatic. Virtually everything Maria does is absurd, but it’s always believable thanks to Lightfoot Leon. She is the essential anchoring force for this film of warped beauty and fantasy as survival, where the horrifying and hopeful participate in a constant battle for dominion."

joseph quinn
Stephane Cardinale - Corbis - Getty Images

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Screen International

"This is unfiltered filmmaking that indulges every storytelling whim, however uncomfortable it might turn out to be... It's a demanding watch, packed with moments so queasily distasteful you can practically smell them."

Daily Telegraph

"Two parts supernova to one part Vauxhall Nova: a strange and celestially pulled coming-of-age drama that plays out on enjoyably rattly retro turf... Getting along with Hoard requires playing along with it too. But it's easier to warm to than you might imagine, thanks to how well it captures the half-dazed tone and flow of early 1990s teenage life."

Loud and Clear Reviews

"Once in a while, you start watching a film and you're immediately drawn into its world, even if you don't fully understand it, as you know that it's unlike anything you've seen before."

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