How To Store Leftover Canned Pumpkin Puree In The Fridge

pumpkin puree in cup with pumpkin
pumpkin puree in cup with pumpkin - kazmulka/Shutterstock

Pumpkin puree is a holiday staple. This sweet, smooth ingredient is needed for making a variety of dishes, from classic pumpkin pie to various side dishes, and other desserts. After stockpiling so much of the stuff, though, you will inevitably have some leftovers. While it may be tempting to stick a half-full can of pumpkin puree in the fridge and hope for the best, it's crucial to store it properly in order to maximize freshness and avoid spoilage — that means out of the can and into a proper container.

You should always do your best to avoid storing leftover canned food in its original can. This is because, while a sealed can is great at preserving food, open cans are not very good at this at all. It's quite difficult to reseal an opened can, so the pumpkin puree inside will be prone to drying out or taking on an odd flavor. Instead, opt for transferring the pumpkin into a sterile, airtight container and placing it in your fridge within two hours of opening the can. This will maintain the moisture of the puree and prevent it from absorbing any stray flavors or odors.

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How To Use Pumpkin Puree Before It Spoils

pumpkin smoothie in a glass
pumpkin smoothie in a glass - Elena Veselova/Shutterstock

When stored correctly, canned pumpkin puree will last for about three to seven days in the fridge. This is not much time, and while you can freeze canned pumpkin to make it last longer, you may prefer to use it up during this short window. Here are a few ideas for how to do just that.

Pumpkin puree is a versatile ingredient, reaching beyond the bounds of autumnal fare and allowing you to amp up your everyday meals. Add a dollop to your coffee with some warming spices like ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg. (Hello, DIY pumpkin spice latte!) Or make pumpkin puree the center of an easy fall-spiced smoothie packed with vitamins and fiber. You can also stir some into vanilla yogurt for an extra flavor boost, or blend it with cheese and pasta water for a decadent sauce that suits any noodle, like in our pumpkin and feta pasta dish. Finally, pumpkin puree makes an excellent egg substitute for things like pancakes, breads, or even cookies — just add ¼ cup puree for each egg you are replacing.

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