'I would still back City for the title even if they lose to Liverpool'

Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola
Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola

Ex-Manchester City midfielder Michael Brown has backed his former side to win the Premier League regardless of the result of Saturday's meeting with Liverpool.

The match is being billed as a litmus test for the Reds' potential title aspirations, with the two teams separated by just a point after 12 games.

"You look at City's return from the past few seasons - it's really good, it's better than it has been," Brown told BBC Radio Manchester's We're Not Really Here podcast.

"They love a chase. They can go after teams and everyone knows they're coming - they're on the run. But you'd rather be ahead any day of the week, where you can almost guarantee yourself another Premier League title.

"I would still back City if they lost the game - no question. They're going to be right in the mix and surely City will win the league again?

"In past seasons you'd be worrying because Liverpool are winning all their games, they look powerful and are giving people the runaround regularly. I don't think they're at that level this season. I've seen them and that midfield still concerns me slightly.

"There's so much change around and I don't think they've got that holding midfield player. I think City can easily capitalise on that because they can move them around."

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