Stephen Colbert Pours The Coldest Of Water On 2024 Fantasy

Stephen Colbert on Tuesday poked fun at people who believe Democrats will replace President Joe Biden with another candidate for the 2024 election.

“It’s Biden-Trump. It’s always been Biden-Trump. It will always be Biden-Trump,” the “Late Show” host countered a new poll in which almost 50% respondents of thought Democrats will replace Biden with another candidate

“No! No they won’t,” he said. “It’s Trump versus Biden. Stop making up election fanfic.”

Colbert said the speculation had gotten “so out of hand” that the office of former first lady Michelle Obama was on Tuesday forced to announce she won’t be running for the White House in November.

“Which means she’s running,” joked Colbert, adding: “Me thinks she doth protest…”

Watch the video here: