Stephen Colbert Exposes Most ‘Interesting’ Typo Hidden In Trump’s Weird New Rant

Stephen Colbert said on Tuesday that Donald Trump’s latest typo might not be a typo after all.

In an error-ridden post on Truth Social, the former president claimed that he wasn’t trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act despite vowing to do so publicly and repeatedly over the years. Instead, he insisted he wants to “MAKE THE ACA MUCH, MUCH, MUCH BETTER FOR FAR LESS MONEY (OR COST) TO OUR GREST AMERICAN CITIZENS.”

“Yes, our ‘GREST,‘” Colbert said. “Which, according to Urban Dictionary, means ‘an interesting way to say great breasts.’”

The audience laughed.

“I’m guessing that one’s not a typo,” Colbert said. He then suggested that’s what the ‘G’ in ‘MAGA’ really represents and finished up with some sound effects.

Check it out in his Tuesday night “Late Show” monologue: