'Oh f**k': Aussie punter buried after fake play goes hilariously wrong

Riley Morgan
Sports Reporter

Australian punter Jordan Berry was savaged on social media on Monday after a fake punt play backfired in dramatic fashion.

Berry was back to punt on the 4th and 6 on Pittsburgh’s 40-yard line with his team 20-10 up over the Arizona Cardinals.

But Berry made the bizarre call to fake the punt and tuck the ball under his arm.

The move dramatically backfired when he was crunched in a tackle and the ball came loose.

Jordan Berry was hammered after a fake punt play went wrong. (Getty Images)

Arizona pounced on the ball and Kyler Murray found David Johnson on the resulting drive.

“I thought we were clean and I was ready to run up there and they all shot off to cover and that’s when I was ‘oh, f**k,” he said, according to a Tweet from The Athletic’s Mark Kaboly.

Coach Mike Tomlin took the fall for the call, but many fans on social media were not convinced.

Fortunately, the Steelers were able to hold on and win 23-17 victory.