Stealing buses & singing songs - Dykes reveals mischief makers

A lot has been made about the special spirit in the Scotland camp.

As Lyndon Dykes put it on BBC Radio Scotland, the players would rush to sign up permanently if the national team were a club side.

Although, he did joke a few of them would have to take a hefty pay cut.

But who are the best characters in the dressing room? The QPR striker told the Sportsound team who to keep an eye on....

McTominay on the mic, Kelly on the cards

On John McGinn: "Everyone knows about John McGinn, obviously. He's the life and soul of the boys. He's some character, he's got a great personality on him.

"He's always got puns coming out left, right and centre. I think he must sit in his room and think about things he's going to say the next day because I don't know where he pulls them from."

On Liam Kelly: "A dark horse I would chuck in there is Liam Kelly. He's very lively around the squad. We've got a little poker game going on there, music blaring from Kieran Tierney.

On Scott McTominay: "Big Scott McTominay is a good guy to be around. He keeps himself to himself but comes out when he needs to.

"He loves a sing-song. Me and him had to get up and start singing after a training session because Scotty brought one of the buses back from the training ground and we left all the boys there."