NRL legend doubles down on controversial Latrell Mitchell comments

Just one day after controversially labelling Latrell Mitchell a ‘distraction’, Phil Gould has once again gone in on the NSW Blues star.

Speaking on his podcast, Six Tackles with Gus, Gould said while he was hopeful Mitchell was not dealing with any serious personal issues, he nonetheless considered him to be too much of a distraction for NSW to claim a second successive Origin series.

“I hope it is not a big issue and I hope he hasn’t got big issues,” he said.

““That doesn’t mean that he isn’t distracted. He is distracted at the moment and you can’t get away from that fact.

“It’s not just at Origin level but at club level. His form was pretty ordinary over the last couple of weeks heading into Origin and he just wasn’t himself.

Phil Gould has once again questioned whether Latrell Mitchell will be a 'distraction' for the NSW Blues in State of Origin. Pictures: Getty Images

“Don’t tell us he’s himself because he isn’t. There were a couple of half opportunities down that left hand side where he wasn’t into it.

“Don’t turn around and tell the world that everything is ok with Latrell because it is not ok.”

Speaking on Channel 9 earlier this week, Gould questioned whether Mitchell would be a help or hindrance for NSW in Origin II.

After performing well below his best in the Origin opener, Mitchell returned to his hometown to spend some time with his family.

“I don’t think NSW can win without him, but the question is: Will he be a distraction or will he be an asset?

“In his current frame of mind and doing what he’s doing right at the moment, not a month ago against the Wests Tigers, he’ll be a distraction.

“He and the Roosters need to come to the Origin coach and say: ‘We’ve sorted this. This is what needs to be done. He’ll be ready.’ Once he does that, then you pick him and you get on with life.”