Stanley Tucci Will Send You All of the Ingredients You Need to Make 2 of His Favorite Italian Meals at Home

And they both feature a super rare pasta.

<p>Nathan Congleton / NBC via Getty Images; </p>

Nathan Congleton / NBC via Getty Images;

Few other culinary opportunities could top the chance to share a table or a negroni with Stanley Tucci. The actor/author/filmmaker jumped to the top of our dream dinner party list after his appearances in Big Night and Julie & Julia, then rose to the very top of that list when he released his captivating and mouthwatering memoir Taste and the first two seasons of the culinary docuseries Searching for Italy.

While we refuse to give up hope that this fated dinner might happen, it’s admittedly a long shot. But thanks to Tucci’s latest partnership with S. Pellegrino and World Chef, we can have the next best thing. Just in time for holiday entertaining — and comfort food — season, Tucci is sharing two of his beloved classic Italian recipes. To make it even easier to recreate them at home, World Chef curated all of the ingredients together to whip up both meals, even if you’re thousands of miles away from Italy or Tucci’s table.

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If you, too, were miffed when Ronzoni discontinued pastina earlier this year, the featured ingredient in both recipes will be right up your alley. Both the chicken meatball soup and the simple side dish feature stelline pasta, S. Pellegrino’s limited-edition revival of the popular star-shaped itty-bitty pasta noodles. Tucci shared in a press release that “this pasta shape [is] a staple in my kitchen all winter long.”

Available to ship straight to your doorstep on November 8, 15, 29, or December 6 (with deliveries arriving 2 business days later), each $89 meal kit comes with the ingredients for six servings of Tucci’s Brodo di Gallina con Polpettine di Pollo entree as well as his Pastina Classica side dish, plus a 1-liter bottle of Tucci’s favorite sparkling water. Oh yes, and the recipes, of course.

This is the second year running in which Tucci has teamed up with World Chef to “visit” kitchens around the country. Last fall, he dished to us about his gnochetti con salsiccia e broccolini (two recipes we’re still dreaming about).

Thanks for inviting us to dinner again, Stanley. Since we know how you feel about baking, we’ll bring dessert!

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