Stadia stoush thwarts Tigers' return home

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Wests Tigers are watching Sydney's stadia stoush with special interest as the desperate NRL club tries to host more matches at their traditional home grounds.

Club chair Lee Hagipantelis says the Tigers are tired of being "nomads and gypsies" and having five home venues is not practical.

With the NSW government choosing to delay the upgrade of Sydney stadiums and channel money into flood-ravaged areas instead, the Tigers are among the clubs to lose out with an upgrade on Leichardt Oval now delayed.

"We have probably denied ourselves a home-ground advantage by having so many home grounds," Hagipantelis said, referring to the Tigers' use of Leichardt Oval, Campbelltown and Commbank as host venues.

"There is a very compelling argument to be made for the Wests Tigers to return to their traditional home grounds to secure its identity and presence.

"Enough with being nomads and gypsies. Having five home grounds is not feasible or practical."

There was also a long-term hope for a stadium in south-west Sydney, be it at Liverpool or Campbelltown, to share with other clubs and other sports.

But the stadia issue raged again on Thursday with the NRL weighing up moving this year's grand final to Queensland after being told $250 million in suburban upgrades was no longer a priority.

Hagipantelis said the latest setback won't stop the club from playing some games out of Leichhardt, which has been home of the Balmain side since 1934.

But he's realistic the delay in upgrade would have to be considered into the club's strategic stadium policy for the future.

"It's a fact that has to be brought into account," Hagipantelis told AAP.

"We had factored into our consideration of our stadium policy moving forward that there would be a refurbishment going forward.

"If Leichhardt is to remain as it is, which I believe is not up to NRL standard, that will factor into the board's thinking on a new stadium policy going forward.

"We will continue to play there. The ground itself is fine, but the corporate facilities, the toilets, gymnasium and change rooms are an embarrassment."

This year the Tigers have three at Campbelltown, three at Leichhardt, four at CommBank, one in Tamworth and one home game at Magic Round.

The deal with Venues NSW to play at CommBank ends this season and the Tigers board has to decide whether to play exclusively out of Campbelltown and Leichhardt next year and what the split will be.

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