'St Mirren opportunity really excites me' - McGinn on retirement and starting coaching career

Former St Mirren player Stephen McGinn is back at the club taking up a new role at the under-18s coach.

Speaking on Sportsound the Scottish Championship winner at the club, who also won league titles at Kilmarnock and Falkirk, has spoken about his decision to hang up the boots and why he knew it was the right time to retire.

“I think I knew the time was up playing-wise, I didn't want to just drop down, my body wasn't doing what my head wanted it to do,” he said.

“St Mirren gave me that opportunity to come back in, in a role that really excited me and I’ve been in the job a couple of weeks now.

“I take the under-18s, there’s been a little bit of shuffling about, Brian Kerr’s stepped up to the first team and made the job available.

“It’s something that really feels like the right decision and I’m enjoying getting to work in a club that’s going in the right direction.

“I don’t think it’s fully sunk in that part yet [that I’m not playing anymore]. I think that might come because it feels like quite a natural progression. When I was at St Mirren in my last spell it was the plan, that was my plan until it changed, that I would move into coaching there once my legs couldn’t go anymore.

“But the last couple months of the season, you’re waking up in the morning and I said to the guys on the last day of the season, I used to feel going into big games, and it felt like one with the invincible thing on the line - it wasn’t like a usual trophy day when the friends and family come and it’s like a testimonial until the end, it felt like something was on the line - and I remember waking up that morning and I felt that the performance was out my hands.

“Whereas in the last few years, I always felt ‘just you play well, and the team can play well’.

"I said to the guys in the huddle, 'I need you', and it was at the stage.

"So, when the job came up at St Mirren I went from 90 to 100 [percent sure].”