St Helier commuters frustrated by lack of parking

Workers are enduring long waits for parking spaces in St Helier, with one commuter saying they were "completely shocked" by the situation.

In the 10 years to 2021, the number of cars in Jersey has increased by 10,000, according to government data.

The government said it was trying to balance the demand for more car parks with environmental policies, but more spaces would be available soon.

However, a campaign group has called for better cycling and bus infrastructure.

Commuter Alana Mooney said: “It needs to be sorted out, there needs to be more parking.

"The majority of people who park here are office workers, so we park here five days a week. There needs to be more.”

Fellow commuter Teresa Mascaren said: “When I was first dealing with it I was completely shocked, I had no idea that people had to do this every day.

“People start work at nine and the queue goes on until at least 10.”

Another driver, Harry Baines, described the parking situation as "chock-a-block".

Parking fees in Jersey amounted to £3.5m in 2022, government figures show.

A report from the Cabinet Office said the demand for new homes is high and car parking was “not an efficient” use of the land.

However, Constable Simon Crowcroft expressed concern that residents in St Helier were being penalised with fewer car parking spaces in new developments.

He said the lack of residential car parking was why “Minden Place in particular is full every evening and all weekend”, as town residents have to park on the street or in the car parks.

Mr Crowcroft added that accessible car parking in St Helier was important for the economy as it enabled "shopping, socialising and dining out".

“The only way to do that is to take the pressure off the car parks, by allowing new developments to have sufficient parking for the residents, who have every right to own a car," he said.

Tristen Dodd, head of highways, transport and infrastructure, said the Patriotic Street car park refurbishment had affected the availability of spaces and “an additional 138 spaces will be available in March” with a new car park near the centre of town.

However, Nigel Jones, from charity Jersey in Transition, said he actively encouraged a reduction in car use and he believed the island needed “better cycling infrastructure and a better bus service”.

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