Will Spurs roll over for City?

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BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty is answering all of your footballing questions.

George asked: Hi Phil. Can we expect a fully motivated Tottenham side facing Manchester City - when they know many of their fans might prefer to lose than Arsenal win the league?

Phil answered: Hi George. Great question. I’ve already had Spurs fans I know saying they wouldn’t mind losing against Manchester City rather than help Arsenal win the league.

I honestly think all professional footballers are fully motivated for games like this, irrespective of the context. To suggest otherwise questions their professionalism.

There is a rather large complication here as well. If Liverpool beat Aston Villa tonight then Spurs are still right in the mix for a Champions League place, so they would need to give it everything anyway.

The first priority for Spurs has to be Spurs. Not Arsenal.

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