Spotted: Jennifer Lopez defying the laws of gravity with a (almost) 90 degree ponytail

jennifer lopez
Guys, JLo's ponytail is defying the law of gravityMarc Piasecki - Getty Images

Typically, when described as 'perky', one would associate such an adjective with an upbeat personality. "She certainly looked less than her usual perky self," Oxford Languages exemplifies on Google. However, today, we're disposing of the English Dictionary because going forward, all that we associate with 'perky' is Jennifer Lopez's gravity-defying ponytail.

Confused, much? Well, earlier this week, JLo was spotted out and about in California, walking into what seems to be Tracy Anderson's Los Angeles studio gym. And while the sports gear and leggings are what initially gave the singer's antics away, it was her voluminous, full and thick workout hairstyle that had us doing a double take.

jennifer lopez
BG046/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images

Perky AF for a bleak winter's morning but hey, you've gotta applaud the ponytail's positive attitude.

los angeles, ca january 30 jennifer lopez is seen on january 30, 2024 in los angeles, california photo by bg046bauer griffingc images
BG046/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images

Never did I ever think I'd be gushing over a celeb's treadmill 'do but here we are...

Now, while Jen is undeniably a woman of many talents, it doesn't seem to be within her capacity to defy the laws of the late great Sir Isaac Newton's discovery of gravity. Having said that, her recent short lob haircut is perhaps a justification behind doing so. I mean, the shorter the strands of hair, the more likely they are to fall at such an angle.

So, I guess if you want to recreate Jennifer's ground-breaking perky ponytail, you best get trimmin'! Either that or apply a lot of thickening, volumising, texture-building hair products.

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