Spotify has released a host of sexy audiobooks for V-Day

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If audio erotica, spicy stories and porn delivered direct to your headphones is your thing, you're in for a treat. To celebrate Valentine's Day, Spotify has just dropped a whole host of naughty audiobooks for premium subscribers.

The streaming platform has also introduced the Spice Meter – a brand new feature that rates the NSFW level of each audiobook, so you can choose from a little light smut to a full-blown erotic novel, with nothing left to the imagination.

Of course, Spotify has been offering its premium users access to audiobooks for some time, but this V-Day drop offers a whole selection of content in a very specific category, tailored to your tastes.

You can browse a selection of classics, from previously banned novels and the likes of Fifty Shades, to books by professional adult authors in a range of categories, like LGBTQ+ and confessions.

And is it any wonder Spotify has chosen to embrace the world of erotica? Audio porn is having a moment – audio erotica apps boast tens of thousands of users and on Spotify, listening numbers for erotic novels are in the millions.

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Many people believe audio's popularity signals a more ethical future for the adult industry and it certainly seems legit, with the likes of Caroline Spiegel and Gina Gutierrez and Faye Keegan – the founders of audio erotica apps Quinn and Dipsea respectively – named on Forbes “30 Under 30” lists and celebrity narrators – like Grey's Anatomy actor Jesse Williams – now proudly voicing spicy stories.

Written erotic fiction is more popular than ever too, and obviously you can find a tonne of it in our own collection, with hot stories for every taste penned by brilliant spicy writers. We'd never leave you high and dry.

Spotify offers its premium subscribers 15 hours of listening per month and obviously, you can download them too – no wifi, no problem. The audiobooks on offer range from an hour long to a whopping eight hours of listening time, so you can stack a few favourites to delve into for the whole month of February.

Fill your boots!

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