Sportsmanship storm erupts in controversial darts final

Gerwyn Price has been roundly booed by fans after winning his first darts major with an upset victory over Gary Anderson in a controversial final.

Price became the first Welsh winner of the grand slam of darts but only after what many believed was poor sportsmanship.

Following up on his tactics from the quarter-final against Australia’s Simon Whitlock, Price used over-the-top celebrations to rattle Anderson.

He repeatedly stood in the way of his Scottish opponent, who mouthed off – both under his breath and to his face – on more than one occasion.

“I’m throwing my darts, he needs to wait for his turn. He doesn’t like it when it’s a little bit up him, so unlucky,” Price said of the controversy.

“I knew when he beat Michael (Van Gerwen) that I was going to beat him. Simple. He can’t handle playing me. He just moans every time that I’m doing this, doing that. Concentrate on your own game.”

Gerwyn Price angered Gary Anderson with his celebration antics during their darts final. Pic: Sky Sports

Price, a former rugby player, won eight of the last 10 legs to win the final 16-13 – and pocket nearly AU$200,000 in the process.

With Anderson having already walked off stage, boos rained down on the Welshman as he accepted his trophy.

“Sometimes the crowd is with you, sometimes it’s against you,” Price said.

“If it’s against you, you have to feed off that. This week, maybe two or three times, they were against me (but) it makes me play better. So next time, boo a little bit more.”

“I’m loving it playing on that stage against the best players in the world. Five or six years ago I was a rugby player, and now I’m pinching money from the professionals’ pockets.”

The final capped off a contentious week of darts in Wolverhampton.

In addition to Price’s controversial acts, Anderson and opponent Wesley Harms accused each other of farting during play.