What Sauce Comes With Taco Bell's Fan-Favorite Quesadillas?

Taco Bell copycat quesadilla and jalapeño sauce
Taco Bell copycat quesadilla and jalapeño sauce - YouTube/Original Recipes by Mashed

With Taco Bell's vast range of quickly-made, satisfying Tex-Mex foods, it's no wonder why you'll frequently see long lines of cars wrapped around the establishments of this famous fast food chain. Almost anything you order from Taco Bell is guaranteed to be delicious, but one item that most customers are particularly enthusiastic about is its quesadillas, available in steak, chicken, and cheese varieties. Of course, no cheesy quesadilla is complete without some sauce.

Fortunately, there is an incredible array of Taco Bell-brand flavors to choose from. While you may love the taste of the chain's mild, hot, fire, or diablo sauces — or even insist on some good old-fashioned chipotle sauce — nothing quite compares to the pairing of a Taco Bell quesadilla with its popular creamy jalapeño sauce. Even better, this creamy, spicy, fan-favorite sauce actually comes included when you order any of the three quesadilla options. Taco Bell's customers have become loyalists to the condiment and are singing its praises on social media.

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Creamy Jalapeño Sauce Pairs Well With A Variety Of Dishes

Creamy jalapeño sauce in dish with spoon
Creamy jalapeño sauce in dish with spoon - Veronika Idiyat/Shutterstock

So, what makes Taco Bell's jalapeño sauce so irresistible that people are trying their best to make copycat recipes of it? For many, it's the balance of flavors, striking the sweet spot for most customers: not too hot, but with just enough kick. Its creamy texture also blends perfectly with the crunch of the quesadillas. On Taco Bell's Reddit page, there have been multiple threads dedicated to the sauce, with fans either wanting to extol its praises or figure out how to duplicate it at home.

"I get this sauce with literally everything I order," user @SaiyanOfDarkness wrote in a one such thread.

For those who adore creamy jalapeño sauce, the natural inclination is to explore every possible way to indulge in as much of it as you can. Thankfully, Taco Bell's creamy jalapeño sauce isn't exclusive to its quesadillas. So, if you're craving some of the company's incredibly creamy, tangy, and spicy delight, all you have to do is order something else — here's a beginner's guide to ordering at Taco Bell to help you get started — and ask for it on the side.

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