I spent an afternoon ‘working’ for YouTuber Dylan Lemay at his new New York City ice cream shop

Dylan Lemay might be the perfect example of how YouTube fame can change your life seemingly overnight.

In 2020, Lemay was the manager of a Cold Stone Creamery in Missouri, after about a decade of working at various ice cream shops. Two years later, on July 26, he had the pleasure (presumably) of trying to teach me how to catch a cookie dough-encrusted ball of ice cream in a cup at his new immersive and experiential ice cream shop in New York City.

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CATCH’N Ice Cream is supposed to feel like an experience: Customers can watch ice cream being prepared in the kitchen through clear windows and can chat with employees — who are chopping, folding and throwing ice cream — over the marble countertops in the front of the store.

Lemay emphasized that he wants conversations to happen between employees and customers, which is why there isn’t a traditional barrier filled with tubs of ice cream separating the two groups.

When I say I “worked” at the ice cream shop, I mean that Lemay really wanted me to get a firsthand experience of every area of the shop — not just taste the ice cream. I pulled frozen ice cream balls out of molds and decorated them with white chocolate and Fruity Pebbles cereal in the kitchen. Then I walked behind the marble counter to karate chop my own ice cream with two silver scoops.

<em>Lemay demonstrates how to karate chop the ice cream.</em> <em>Credit: In The Know</em>
Lemay demonstrates how to karate chop the ice cream. Credit: In The Know

Given my lack of upper body strength, my caffeine-induced hand tremors and the fact that there was a crowd of beautiful people watching me and filming for Instagram, it was actually pretty easy. I only knocked half of my ice cream off the counter and Lemay didn’t even fire me — instead, he sweetly pretended it was because the ice cream needed more time to thaw.

<em>Proof that I did catch the ice cream</em>. <em>Credit: In The Know</em>
Proof that I did catch the ice cream. Credit: In The Know

Since his days of being a Cold Stone Creamery manager, Lemay’s popularity has exploded online. He’s known for his story times, as he prepares balls of ice cream before throwing them around his back or across rooms into cups. As of today, he has over 3.7 million subscribers on the platform.

CATCH’N Ice Cream opens on July 29 and is located at 65 Bleecker St. in New York.

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