Spartans 0-3 Hearts: What did the managers say?

Spartans head coach Jack Beesley: "I am disappointed but I’m not too proud to say the better team won. Hearts are fourth in the league for a reason and we’re not, we’re at the start of our journey they’re slightly further along.

"The outcome of the game is only thing I’m disappointed with. Everything we asked from the girls I think they did really well.

"The goal just before half time was a bit of a sore one for us but I thought we should that resolution at the start of the second half. Coming back from 2-0 is always a challenge unless you get that moment that gives you a bit of hope to cling onto then it becomes a tough second half.

"Although the emotion is quite raw they shouldn’t be too despondent it is an unbelievable achievement and we should use that as fuel to look for more of those feelings and those days.

"In the league trying to push up the table but in cups trying to get a chance to play at Hampden again.

"Hopefully when the players wake up tomorrow they’ll realise what an achievement it was. I’m really proud of everyone."

Hearts manager Eva Olid: "We knew this was one of the key matches, getting to the final was one of our objectives and we knew it was so important.

"We knew we were trying to balance between the emotions and focusing on the match. In the first minutes we were maybe a little bit nervous but then everything was fine.

"When I came here I knew I wanted this team to be the best. We couldn’t do it in one or two seasons but every season we have taken a step forward. I want us to be competing and fighting for things.

"We have taken more points from Rangers this season than last year and that gives us a message to give to the players, if it happened other times why can it not happen in one game?

"I remember the first season when I watched the first final of the Scottish Cup I thought ‘I want to be here’ and it’s happened two seasons later.

"Just watching the match, the emotions are so high and you feel how special it is to play in a final. I wanted to be there and on the 26th we will be."