‘Get someone else to do it’ TikTok sound explained

A TikToker’s no-nonsense granny has sparked a hilarious trend.

When @d.iavion asked her grandma to film her for an audition, the senior wasn’t in the mood. As she pushed a shopping cart through the aisle of a department store, the grandmother replied, “Uh uh, get somebody else to do it,” and walked away completely unfazed.

“Y’all see how my own granny do me,” @d.iavion wrote in the caption.

The senior’s deadpan response racked up over 13.9 million views. More than 161,000 videos on TikTok have used the sound. People are using it to discuss the annoying requests they get from others.

“When the teacher would try to sit the bad kid next to you bc you were well behaved,” @thatsso.nne wrote in the video text.

Mom @camxnie joked about her husband asking to “hold the baby” after she had just changed his diaper, fed him, cooked and cleaned.

“Pov: Your friend been over your house 10 times and they still ask you to come downstairs with them,” @glxxmike said in a video.

“POV: your mom ask you to give your bed up cause family staying over,” @reall.rouguii joked in a TikTok.

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