'Soft as butter': Controversy erupts over Clayton Oliver 'dive'

Melbourne young gun Clayton Oliver has drawn the ire of footy fans after being put down by a bump away from the ball in Friday night’s AFL semi-final at the MCG.

A free kick was paid against Tom Mitchell, who jogged from some distance to apply the hit, but it was Oliver who was criticised for his role in the incident.

“I’m not sure you want to be dropping there. It’s not a good look,” Tigers great Matthew Richardson said on Channel 7.

Hawks legend Dermott Brereton described the entire exchange as a “silly thing to do” and felt the umpires were having too much impact on the game.

Clayton Oliver drew the ire of footy fans after falling down from a Tom Mitchell bump. Pic: Channel 7

Oliver’s supposed exaggeration didn’t go down well with the punters, including Collingwood’s Taylor Adams:

Some viewers, however, saw two sides to the debate.

Oliver may have sold the bump, but why did Mitchell think the collision was worth it?

Given the umpires spotted the hit, these fans might have a point:

However, it’s not the first time Oliver has come under fire for staging.

In 2017 he was heavily criticised for falling after being hit by Will Schofield, who was reported and cited by the match review panel before beating the striking charge at the tribunal.

Earlier in the semi-final at the MCG, Mitchell was injured by a legal bump from Neville Jetta: