Sofia Reyes on Healing After Heartbreak in the Making of 'MILAMORES' (Exclusive)

The Mexican singer's 14-track album features stars like Danna Paola, Gera MX and Mariah Angeliq

<p>FER PIÑA</p> Sofia Reyes


Sofia Reyes

After experiencing the hardest breakup of her life, Sofia Reyes wrote an album about finding herself again.

Friday marked the release of the Mexican pop star's studio album MILAMORES. In the writing process, Reyes found "peace" and healing after a breakup she experienced three years ago.

"It's the flowers that blossom from a heartbreak or from a hard moment in your life," Reyes, 28, tells PEOPLE exclusively of the concept behind MILAMORES. "I always believe that life comes in waves. And my album, Mal de Amores, which is the album that I released before this one, was coming from a [place of] heartbreak."

Sofia Reyes
Sofia Reyes

MILAMORES represent Reyes' blossoming — and she hopes that it can provide healing to her listeners as well.

"It's like going back to myself. Connecting and healing my inner child," Reyes, who was last linked to Mau y Ricky's Ricky Montaner, says.

"In that place I feel peace and I'm in a different state of mind, a happier state of mind and a healthier state of mind," she adds. "When you're in that place, everything around you starts changing, the people around you, the way you see life. So for me, that has been priority, that whole journey. And hopefully through my songs people can also step into that journey."

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Every song on the album was made with "intention," beginning with the sound bowls and healing instruments she used as backing on the tracks — including the reggaeton ones.

The "1, 2, 3" singer also got candid about her heartbreak — which she admits was unlike anything she's experienced before.

"This one heartbreak that I lived lasted for almost two years," she says. "It was the longest heartbreak ever. I could physically feel the pain. I understood what a heartbreak was. I would cry for almost two years, it was just too much."

"But at the same time it was the most beautiful experience because I realized that there was so much that I still needed to work on myself," the singer-songwriter adds."I feel like when we experience things that are really hard in our lives, those moments really take us to a healing journey that can take us to the most beautiful place. That's also the beauty of life."

Her perfect way to heal a heartbreak in addition to songwriting? Tequila and good music.

<p>FER PIÑA</p> Sofia Reyes


Sofia Reyes

And while every song on this album is special to Reyes, she shares that her song "Delirio" holds a particularly noteworthy place in her heart.

"It's a conversation with myself. I'm speaking to my inner child saying, 'Remember that you are all of this. You glow, you're like the stars, you are beautiful, not believing that you're beautiful would be delirious,'" she says. "It's a cute reminder."

If Reyes had a piece of advice for younger herself, it would be to "be patient and enjoy the process."

"Whenever I feel stressed or anxious, I go back to that thought. This should be fun. It's not such a big deal. Enjoy it," she says. "And even if it's a hard situation, it's part of that process. Enjoy even the discomfort of it."

MILAMORES is out now.

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