‘Society Of The Snow’ Hits Netflix Most Popular Non-English Film List; ‘Fool Me Once’ Eyes Spot As TV All-Timer

Fool Me Once collected another week atop Netflix’s TV charts.

While the UK crime thriller was down fairly significantly from its viewership a week prior, the series still put up an impressive 23.9M views from January 8 to 14, claiming No. 1 among English-language series (and there was not a close second).

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That marks 61M views in its first two weeks on Netflix, putting it on the fast track toward the streamer’s most popular list. In tenth place currently is Queen Charlotte with 81M views in its first 91 days. Fool Me Once still has more than 70 days to amass 20M more views and take over that spot. In fact, at this rate, it could move to an even more prominent position on the list, given how much time it has left in its premiere window.

As noted above, second place was not a close second. The Brothers Sun managed 6.9M views in its first full week on Netflix. That’s up from fifth place the week before, when it drew about 4M views. On the non-English TV list, Berlin spent its third week on top with 8.7M views.

After soaring to No. 2 last week, Dave Chappelle’s comedy special was down to No. 7 this week with 2.6M views. This makes sense, considering the special is only about an hour, so there is not much content to keep its viewership high. Comedy specials don’t generally have a long shelf life when it comes to these Top 10 rankings.

The most-watched title on Netflix this week was once again a film. Kevin Hart’s new action heist Lift tallied 32.8M views, easily putting it on top of the English-language films list.

Leo and Rebel Moon are still holding on to spots on the list, though they are steadily making their way toward the bottom. They may stick around for a few more weeks, but it’s becoming clear that Rebel Moon has an uphill battle to make it anywhere near the most popular list.

Meanwhile, Leave the World Behind finally fell out of the Top 10 — though that doesn’t necessarily mean its chances at the most popular list are over. As of last week, it only needed 10M views by mid-February to pull it off, so there’s a good chance it can get there.

Speaking of, Society of the Snow made it on the Non-English films most popular list after just 11 days on Netflix, racking up 28.1M views in its second week on Netflix. In total, it has surpassed 50M views, taking Below Zero‘s tenth place spot. There is still plenty of time for the film to climb up the list before it’ll settle into a spot.

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