Society of the Snow becomes one of Netflix's most-watched movies ever

enzo vogrincic, society of the snow trailer
Society of the Snow hits big Netflix milestone2023 © Netflix

Society of the Snow has become one of Netflix's most-watched movies of all time, just a few weeks after release.

The film premiered on the streaming service less than two weeks ago, and has racked up 12 million hours viewed and 51 million views (as of January 14). That means it's placed 10th in Netflix's all-time top 10 list of biggest non-English language films.

It will only grow as Netflix's all-time lists count views tracked across the first 91 days of release, and Society of the Snow is barely through one sixth of that timeframe.

enzo vogrincic, society of the snow

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Currently, Netflix's most-watched non-English language film is Troll, with 178 million hours viewed and 103 million views. Could Society of the Snow overtake Troll? There's definitely potential.

When it comes to the biggest English language films (and by extension, overall biggest films), it's no surprise to see that the numbers are much higher. For example, Extraction 2 has 278 million hours viewed and 134 million views — and that's only the 10th biggest film.

Society of the Snow is about the aftermath of a plane crash, as those who survived the initial accident soon find themselves in a living nightmare.

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The film has been receiving a whole lot of positive buzz, with Digital Spy's own review reading: "Society of the Snow is more than just a brutal recreation... it's also an existentialist tale about friendship, faith, and the moral boundaries that collapse in a life-or-death situation...

"One of Netflix's strongest awards contenders this year alongside Maestro, Society of the Snow is a visual spectacle with a conscience."

Society of the Snow is available now on Netflix.

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