Broncos fan mocked for 'dumb' mistake - can you spot it?

A Broncos fan’s ‘dumb’ mistake has gone viral on social media for the simplest of reasons.

The Brisbane supporter is staring into the sun at the Broncos v Titans game over the weekend and raising his arm to provide extra cover – but others wonder why he didn’t flip his hat around to aid his vision.

There’s no doubt the Broncos’ 34-0 victory over the Titans was a spectacle worth watching, and Instagram users have reacted to the fan’s mistake:

“Backward hat wearers, yet to evolve,” commented @unchainedmomentum.

A Bronco’s fan has been slammed on social media for a ‘dumb’ mistake. Pic: @browncardigan | Instagram

“Typical illogical Queenslander, no wonder they’ve lost all of the origins since the start of the year,” commented @ladsonpollock.

“Folks are dumb where he comes from!” commented @owie_16.

One user claiming to be the man in the photo provided a quality comeback to the unintended social media fame.

“Cheers for posting the better half of me @browncardigan!” commented @b_asujamaa on the Instagram post.

“I also had sunnies on my face so ya know, but they old setting Queensland sun is a ripper in the retinas and was too low for the hat to do anything.”

The Broncos next play the New Zealand Warriors at 2pm on Sunday in Brisbane, which furthers the possibility for the sun to again be an obstruction.