Socceroos captain unfazed by cup lead-in

Australia's captain Mat Ryan says it's unfortunate, but not worth worrying about.

Ryan is about to keep goal against the reigning World Cup champions, France, with little recent form-line.

The Socceroos skipper has been overlooked of late as a starter at his club, Copenhagen FC.

He experienced the same situation at his previous club, Real Sociedad in Spain.

"Unfortunately the last two years, I have been in that scenario quite a bit," Ryan said.

"But the first thing I do is make sure that I try and treat every training session and manipulate it into a match scenario.

"That that has been the main key which has served me quite well throughout these two years.

"I feel when I have played, I have still continued to play to a very high level.

"And I get my confidence from that, working hard day-in, day-out, feeling sharp."

Before the World Cup in Qatar, many were concerned at his lack of match minutes - but not Ryan.

"Worrying about something is a waste of time," he said.

"I am always trying to be proactive and optimistic and control the things that I can control.

"If I hadn't made the move to Copenhagen from Real Sociedad (in August), I probably would have played less games.

"So I still think it has served a purpose.

"I hadn't played Champions League football before and making the move to Copenhagen enabled me to do that.

"I feel like I have developed a skill set, even though I haven't been playing regularly, to be able to get myself into a place where I can perform for my manager, be it at my club, or here with the national team.

"Today I feel no different. I feel ready to go."

Ryan, at his third World Cup, said the Socceroos acknowledged the magnitude of the task against France in their cup opener on Tuesday night (Wednesday 0600 AEDT).

"You have got to have the right amount of respect for the opposition," he said.

"But don't be in awe of them or be overwhelmed too much because it's going to take away your own capabilities of playing to your highest level.

"That has been the first concrete message we've been trying to get through to the squad and everyone has been receiving it quite well."