Snoop Dogg Did Our Puppy Interview, And It's Hilarious, Just As I Imagined

The "dogfather" FINALLY did our puppy interview!

A closeup of Snoop Dogg
Chelsea Lauren / WireImage

To celebrate the release of his new film The Underdoggs, we had Snoop Dogg come over to play with the cutest pups while answering all of your fan questions. I honestly don't think I've ever laughed or smiled harder.

Closeup of Snoop Dogg

Snoop sang for us and hilariously commentated on the playful dog fighting.

Snoop Dogg playing with puppies

He revealed his favorite behind-the-scenes moment from The Underdoggs.

Closeup of Snoop Dogg holding puppies

He shared whether there was anything on his bucket list.

"I'm spontaneous!"

He even shouted out and delivered a personal message to his close friend and collaborator Martha Stewart.

Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart

Watch the video below to see it all and be sure to check out The Underdoggs now on Prime Video! All dogs are also up for adoption at