The insane no-look shot that helped snooker star win world champs

Mark Williams had the snooker world in awe with this ridiculous no-look shot on his way to winning the world championships.

On Tuesday, the 43-year-old nicknamed the Welsh Potting Machine beat John Higgins to land his third Crucible title at Sheffield in England, 15 years after his second.

It capped a remarkable week for Williams, who left pundits and commentators stunned with an incredible shot against Jimmy Robertson early in the tournament.

As you can see above, Williams was in a rather sticky situation against Robertson, but managed to wiggle his way out of it without even looking at the cue ball.

Williams went on to win his third world championship. Image: Getty

With his eyes firmly fixed on the green, Williams ricocheted the cue ball off the bottom cushion, around the blue and black, and perfectly kissing the green into the top right pocket.

“Is this the winner of the world championships we’re seeing here?” one commentator asked after witnessing the brilliant piece of skill.

It was indeed, with Williams going on to claim the crown a few days later.

Williams has vowed to perform naked cartwheels if he repeats his stunning triumph next year – after stripping off in celebration of his victory on Tuesday.

How did he do that? Image: BBC

The 18-16 success made him the oldest winner at the Crucible since 45-year-old Ray Reardon in 1978 and Williams fulfilled a promise to hold his press conference naked, although he wore a towel to protect his modesty.

Williams made the suggestion as a joke early in the tournament, hardly believing he would carry off the silverware.

He was welcomed to the media room with a roar and said: “Cold in here, isn’t it!”

Asked how his success felt, Williams said: “It feels a little bit uncomfortable at the minute. I had to wear the towel on the orders of Barry Hearn otherwise I would just have walked in, just crying.

“It’s an unbelievable story. Twelve months ago I was thinking about chucking it… if I won this again next year, I’d do this again – I’d cartwheel round here naked.

“I’m going to party the night away. Last time I won it I think I had half a pint of milk and went to bed. I’m not going to bed this time – it’ll be daylight before I get to bed.”

Williams, who failed to even qualify for last year’s world championship, said of his family: “I’m sure they’ve enjoyed it. My missus couldn’t stop crying for ages, I got a little bit emotional towards the end as well. I thought these days had all passed to be honest.”

Williams was “away in my caravan, getting drunk and watching it on TV” when his fellow cuemen contested the 2017 tournament. No wonder he had a big night planned this time.

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