'Worst I've seen': Snooker world blown away by 'horrific error'

Riley Morgan
·Sports Reporter
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Sam Craigie (pictured right) in shock after failing to hit the red ball into the cushion (pictured left) at the Shoot Out.
Sam Craigie (pictured right) was in disbelief after he made one of the 'worst blunders ever' (pictured right) during the Shoot Out competition. (Images: Eurosport)

Snooker star Sam Craigie couldn’t hide his shock after an extraordinary error, described as one of the worst blunders in the competition’s history, led to a shoot out.

Craigie was in control of his match against Phil O’Kane 38-33 when he made an uncharacteristic foul on what should have been the last shot of the match.

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All Craigie needed to do was to make sure the red made contact with the cushion to signal a legal shot.

But, in what seemed like a straight forward shot for Craigie, he rushed it under pressure from the clock and the red failed to make contact.

The failed attempt sparked a five-point foul, which levelled the tie and sent the match into a blue ball shootout.

“Wow,” commentator Foulds said on Eurosport.

“I’ve just seen it again and I cannot believe he has done that.

“What a thing to happen. Goodness me.

“Many a player would be in complete shredsville after doing that.

“He made a huge blunder, one of the worst I’ve seen in Shoot Out history.”

His fellow commentator agreed it was the worst outcome under the circumstances.

“The foul is five points, which it wouldn’t be in normal snooker, but this is not normal snooker,” Eurosport’s Dave Hendon added on commentary.

“He was five in front, which is why we are level.

“He couldn’t have done a worse thing.”

Fans on social media joined the commentators in disbelief at the ‘horrific’ error.

Craigie escapes Shoot Out error

Fortunately for Criagie he was able to advance after a clutch blue ball shootout, but still lamented the error that nearly cost him.

“It is nice to get a win,” Craigie said to Eurosport.

“I just can’t believe I did not hit a cushion on that last red. If I'd lost there I'd have been devastated. My head was gone."

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