'Awful noise': Snooker champs rocked by farting fiasco

Chris Young
Sports Reporter

Snooker fans are typically required to be on their best behaviour - unfortunately one fan at the Masters finals in London didn’t get the memo.

Stuart Binhgam was facing Ali Carter for The Masters crown over the weekend and all appeared to be going well until a cheeky fan decided to spice things up during the fifth frame.

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Not long into the game, after Carter played a shot, a series of fart noises could be heard coming from somewhere in the crowd.

While it was to the amusement of many in attendance, both players and snooker officials were less than impressed with the interruption.

Commentators were also bemused by the fan’s antics.

Stuart Bingham reacts during the Final of the Dafabet Masters against Ali Carter at Alexandra Palace on January 19, 2020 in London. (Photo by Alex Davidson/Getty Images)

“There’s a bit of unwanted noise emanating from somewhere in this vast arena,” they said on the Eurosport broadcast.

“No idea what’s going on here.

“Somebody is making an awful noise.

“It’s funny for the players, but the crowd find it quite amusing.”

Continued laughter throughout the crowd eventually prompted the visibly irritated match official to scold those in attendance.

Much like a schoolteacher silencing a classroom of rowdy children, order was quickly restored.

“Settle down now please, that’s quite enough,” the referee was forced to ask.

Predictably, fans on social media found the incident to be extremely hilarious.

Fortunately for Bingham, the distraction wasn’t enough for him to lose concentration, going on to defeat Carter 10-8 and claim the 250,000 pound prize.