'Defies physics': Snooker world in shock over one-in-a-million anomaly

Riley Morgan
Sports Reporter

The snooker world was left absolutely stunned at the Masters 2020 when Scot Stephen Maguire hit an incredible shot, which ultimately backfired.

Maguire was taking on Aussie Neil Robertson in the opening round of the Masters when the Scot stepped up to complete an incredible comeback.

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But everyone in the building, including Robertson and the commentators, were left gobsmacked after Maguire sunk the red and white ball in a near impossible shot.

Looking to sink the red in the corner pocket, Maguire hit the white with pace forcing the red ball to go into the pocket and shoot back out straight in the air.

Aussie Neil Robertson (pictured right) is gobsmacked after an incredible shot from Stephen Maguire (pictured left), which saw the red ball jump into the air and spin back into the pocket at the Masters 2020. (Images: Eurosport)

However, the red ball had such tremendous back spin it spun straight back in after bouncing.

But the shot didn’t pan out as the cue ball hit the lip of the middle pocket and somehow kept spinning and fell into the far pocket resulting in a foul.

“Incredible, you will never see anything like that again,” Joe Johnson said in Eurosport commentary.

Robertson’s face was one of bewilderment and he even cracked a slight smile, while Maguire lapped up the applause from the crowd.

Fans on social media couldn’t quite understand how the sequence of events played out.

Maguire completed a stunning comeback after falling behind 5-1 to eventually defeat the former world champ 6-5.

Robertson, from Melbourne, also recently announced he would donate £100 pounds per century and an additional £5,000 to the NSW wildlife charity Wires to help the Australian bushfire appeal.