“SNL's” Heidi Gardner Details 'Painful' Split from Husband Zeb Wells: 'I Went Through the End of a Relationship'

The couple wed in 2010 and do not have children

<p>John Sciulli/Getty</p> Heidi Gardner and Zeb Wells in 2018

John Sciulli/Getty

Heidi Gardner and Zeb Wells in 2018

Saturday Night Live star Heidi Gardner and her husband Zeb Wells have split.

Gardner announced the break-up on the latest episode of The Liz Moody Podcast.

"Sadly I went through the end of a relationship, which it feels weird to say end because I also know that person will always be in my life and it will transform in a different way," Gardner said. "You know, sending them all the like love and respect in the world that I still have for them. But it was just a couple-year period of transition and grief and hope and loss and all of those things."

Gardner continued, "But I will say that during that time I feel like I never wasted a day in getting to know myself, becoming a better version of myself and becoming a better friend and future partner I think."

She did not name her ex or specify when they broke up.

<p>Mike Coppola/Getty</p> Zeb Wells and Heidi Gardner in 2016

Mike Coppola/Getty

Zeb Wells and Heidi Gardner in 2016

The actress then explained how she found a silver lining among a period that was "very painful and uncomfortable."

"That's just been a really cool reward out of something that was very painful and uncomfortable," she said. "And I will say the biggest thing I learned in that time is lean on the women in your life and your girlfriends."

"I already had amazing friends and family, but I will just say that women showed up in such an incredible way and showed me that in future relationships, my romantic partner I learned does not need to be my emotional rock," Gardner explained. "Oftentimes the women in my life just know better things to say and better ways I think to love me and take care of me in some of those moments."

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Gardner said she's learned to also be supportive of her own friends if they're going through a breakup.

"We all know no matter what kind of relationships they're up and down with your partner one day, you are gonna love them more than anything and you're gonna be praising them to your friends," she said. "And on some days they're gonna feel like your worst enemy and you're gonna be cursing them to your friends."

"But I always like to provide a safe space for my friends where yeah, I let them know I'm team you and if you are team, that person, your partner, I'm gonna be on their team too if they're loving you," she said. "So I always like to create a safe space so no one ever feels shame if they were just like throwing their partner under the bus one day and then they're like, 'But today is sweet.'"

Gardner, 40, married Wells, 46, a Marvel Comics writer, in 2010. They do not have any children.

PEOPLE has reached out to SNL reps for comment. Garner has been a cast member on the show since 2017, and is currently the longest-running female cast member.

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