‘SNL’ Jokes Alaska Airlines Will Hire Captain Sully Out Of Retirement After Cabin Door Came Off Mid-Flight: “You Didn’t Die, And You Got A Cool Story”

Saturday Night Live had a PSA for those planning to travel on Alaska Airlines.

After one of the airline’s planes had to make an emergency landing when a part of the cabin broke off mid-takeoff, the NBC sketch show joked about the changes the company may be making to keep patrons safe.

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“Here at Alaska, safety is our number one concern,” host Jacob Elordi, posing as an airline flight attendant, assured viewers. Kenan Thompson added: “Buuut you gotta admit, it looked pretty cool. Plane flying around. No door.”

Elordi continued: “Everyone screaming, cell phones whipping out in the sky…it was awesome.”

In fact, Heidi Gardner joked, Alaska Airlines will probably change its slogan to: “You didn’t die, and you got a cool story.”

Because “on other airlines, you can watch movies, but on Alaska, you’re in the movie,” Elordi said before the video cut to a plane full of people screaming and crying as the plane made its emergency landing.

Speaking of safety precautions, Elordi added, “You know those bolts that hold the plane together? We’re gonna go ahead and tighten those.”

And for extra precaution, they’ve hired Captain Sully out of retirement. You know, the airline pilot who safely landed a place on the Hudson River after both engines were disabled in a bird strike. Whew.

Watch the full clip above.

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