Sistas Midseason Finale Solves Karen’s Paternity Mystery in the Craziest Way Possible — Did You See That Coming?

“Hey girl, you find out who your baby daddy is yet?” may have been an insane way for Danni to answer the phone on the midseason finale of Tyler Perry’s Sistas — but can you really blame her?

It’s been the question on every viewer’s mind since Karen found out she was pregnant, roughly 30 years ago. And despite the various “answers” we’ve gotten since, something told us that Zac being the father of Karen’s twins was too simple to be true. Let’s not forget which show we’re all watching here.

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Promos for the midseason finale teased another jaw-dropping reveal about Karen’s pregnancy, and we definitely got one… but not before a bit more drama with her fellow Sistas: Hayden weaseled his way into becoming Andi’s co-counsel in Ms. Marie’s billion-dollar divorce; Sabrina was promoted to branch manager of the bank, where she rehired Maurice; and Jordan grew understandably concerned about Penelope’s radio silence.

But we’ll be honest, it’s hard to care about any of that right now. It’s hard to even care that Danni basically declared the end of her friendship with Karen, or any of the mess that went down at Sabrina’s mocktail event.

Why, you ask? Oh, maybe because the midseason finale ended on the twist to end all twists: Karen is, in fact, pregnant with Zac’s baby. But he isn’t the only father. That’s right, friends — Karen’s twins have two different fathers! Can someone please check on Maury Povich? He can’t be handling this news well.

It may have been a quick reveal, but it was a moment soapy enough to bathe in. And we’ll be soaking in that craziness for the next few months until Sistas returns on May 22.

Did you see this twist coming, or were you actually fooled into thinking that a pregnancy this eternal could be caused by a single man? Grade the midseason finale below, then drop a comment with your reaction to this bonkers turn of events.

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