'Since we sacked Tony Mowbray, we've got it wrong far too many times'

Birmingham head coach Tony Mowbray waves at the travelling fans during the Championship match between Birmingham City and Sunderland at St Andrews (stadium) on February 17, 2024.
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Following Sunderland's 5-1 defeat at home to Blackburn Rovers, Marco Gabbiadini has spoken about the downturn in the club's fortunes since parting ways with Tony Mowbray.

"Sunderland could beat a lot of the teams around them [in the league table] because they're probably in a similar position to us in many cases. They're average and get it right some days but get it wrong other days.

"The problem is since we sacked Tony Mowbray, we've got it wrong far too many times.

"You look at the deficiencies in the squad which we've talked about for ages. We haven't got a forward who we can trust to play, so [Mike Dodds] is having to play one of our better midfielders [Jobe] in that position, but it doesn't work like what happened on Monday, he looks toothless as well. We never got the ball to him.

"At least Rigg, Aouchiche and Ba, at least they passed the ball to Bellingham on Friday in the Cardiff game. They got the ball to the forward who made good runs and made himself available, and we got further up the field and did some damage.

"We just didn't take control of the game at any stage on Monday. It was terrible. Terrible. That's where we've been heading for weeks and months really."

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