Sims slammed for 'brain snap' that shifted momentum

Tariq Sims has confused fans and split viewers opinions with his brain snap moment early in the second half of Game III.

On debut, the Blues forward was recovering from a Ben Hunt tackle and had just played the ball when he proceeded to tackle Hunt to the ground without the ball.

The moment resulted in a scuffle between players, and despite looking like a blatant foul, it had viewers questioning the decision.

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Some fans even went as far as to say Sims’ contentious decision swung the game in Queensland’s favour.

Channel Nine commentator Ray Warren was quick to question Sims’ decision to tackle Hunt when he was acting as marker.

“What’s he done that for?” said Ray Warren in the commentary.

“He’s tackled the marker.”

Phil Gould also pointed out the significance of the moment.

Tariq Sims tackled Ben Hunt without the ball. Pic: Getty/Nine

“They’re killers in a game like this… when you pull a penalty on yourself,” Gould said.

Despite the incident, New South Wales still had ample opportunity when they pressured the Queensland defence in the final five minutes of the match.

Queensland went on to win the match 18-12, with NSW winning the 2018 series 2-1.