What is Shuffles? Everything to know about the invite-only app by Pinterest that Gen Z is desperate to join

There’s a new social media app in town. But only Gen Z is invited to the party (at least for now).

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Pinterest soft-launched the app Shuffles on July 22 in Apple’s App Store, where it has a 4.8 out of 5 rating. It’s become popular with Gen Z, earning 211,000 worldwide iOS downloads (160,000 in the U.S.), according to Tech Crunch. But the app is still invite-only. That means people are desperate to find invite codes to be part of the exclusive Shuffles club.

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What is the Shuffles app?

According to the App Store, the new app from Pinterest is “designed for collective collaging.” While Pinterest is essentially a search engine that allows you to post your boards publicly, Shuffles makes its collages more social.

On Shuffles, users can like, share, comment and “reshuffle” each other’s collage boards. It also includes a feed with recommended content. A unique feature is the ability to easily treat photos like collages by ” “cutting out” objects.

The aesthetic of Pinterest can feel commercial and even conservative. The layout of Shuffles feels more modern in the sense that it borrows imagery from popular “core” trends like Y2Kcore, cottagecore and flowercore.

TechCrunch writes, “When you either search for or snap a photo, the app often automatically identifies the object in the photos and you only have to tap the ‘Add’ button to place it into your collage.”

From there, you can resize, move and add animated effects to the cutout.

How do I get a Shuffles app invite?

Currently, the only way to get a code is from someone with a code. How do they get their codes? That’s a mystery. But each user is given five invite codes.

The app is still invite-only because it hasn’t officially launched yet. It’s currently only available on iOS, meaning Android users will still have to wait with the rest of the world. But TechCrunch has a code for its users, and you can also search the comments in related TikTok posts where people tend to share them.

What does the Shuffles app look like?

The best way to see what Shuffles’ interface looks like is to search the hashtag on TikTok. The user @maryyisabel gave her followers a peek at the app, which resembles Instagram but with collages on your profile instead of photos.

TikTokers like @tragical.romance usually share their Shuffles by adding music to the collages.

Many TikTokers are desperate to get their hands on codes. While some are bragging about being a part of the club thanks to their generous friends, others, like @madd.elliott, are calling out the code hoarders.

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