Shoppers Notice a Difference in Their “Mature Semi-Crepey Skin” When They Use This Neck and Chest Balm

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It’s packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients.

<p>Thirteen Lune</p>

Thirteen Lune

In my adolescence, I began noticing that many of the older women in my life wore turtlenecks and high-neck cuts more often than not. I asked my mother why and she told me that her generation, and the ones before, were not taught how to take care of the skin on their necks and chests. As they, and she, got older, it became an area of concern, but it was too late. You can’t turn the clock back. The skincare industry has changed and there are products to deal with absolutely every inch of your body. If you happen to be concerned with signs of aging (all the power to you if not) like wrinkles and firmness, an option loved by shoppers is Yina’s Décolletage Treatment Balm.

Yina’s Décolletage Treatment Balm treats the area south of your jawline to your breasts. According to the brand, applying this balm should be a ritual-like experience. Use the complementary spoon and scoop out some of the balm, then massage it in a circular motion across the pertinent areas. Ultimately the brand says this should stimulate circulation, reduce fluid retention, and improve firmness and texture.

<p>Thirteen Lune</p>

Thirteen Lune


Yina is a brand based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and as such, there is a spiritual component in all of its products. In the case of the Décolletage Treatment Balm, the brand says it “awakens the heart and mind connection, invokes self-love, and encourages a nourishing flow of energy.”

There are a slew of great ingredients but let’s start with cyperus. It’s a plant that has strong anti-inflammatory and hyperpigmentation-reducing benefits according to studies. Milletia vine helps with inflammation and skin healing. Gypsywort meanwhile has antioxidant and antibacterial properties. This means protection from environmental aggressors and the wear and tear that leads to wrinkles and fine lines. Plus, firmer skin, fewer breakouts, and more even skin texture.

One shopper on the brand’s website called Yina’s Décolletage Treatment Balm the “best” product “for mature semi-crepey skin.” They added, “I not only use it on my chest but also my arms [and the] results are visible.” Another shopper said “I have noticed a difference in puffiness after using it overnight, as well as smoother skin.”

Head to Thirteen Lune to shop the Yina’s Décolletage Treatment Balm that shoppers call “so effective.”

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