Shopper accuses Woolworths of 'unacceptable' meat act

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A shopper has levelled damning allegations at Woolworths after a disappointing experience with cooking an expensive cut of meat.

The customer filmed some scotch fillet steak from the supermarket’s Market Value brand, claiming she bought four identical packs of the $6 product.

After transferring one to the frying pan however, the last thing she expected was for the beef to end up looking more like mince meat than a premium cut of steak.

The “Australian Beef” went from holding perfect form in its plastic container, to falling apart into several pieces once it was heated.

Sign at the entrance of a Woolworths store.
Woolworths has been accused of using "meat glue" to hold its scotch fillet steaks together. Source: Getty Images

“That’s how it falls to pieces in a frying pan. Not acceptable,” the woman filming said in her video, shared to the retailer’s Facebook page on Tuesday.

The pieces of beef appeared to be swimming in an unsightly amount of liquid, which was understood to have come from inside the steak.

“How much of this meat glue is in our diet?” the woman was heard saying.

She showed viewers the steak’s original form before panning back to the frypan and explaining, “that’s how it fell apart”.

The shopper claimed the meat broke into several pieces “with no interference from me”.

“I’m a quick cook, I like my meat medium rare to rare, it just fell to freaking pieces,” she said.

“Please explain Woolies.”

An employee from the supermarket responded to the woman’s complaint saying the shopper’s experience was “disappointing”.

They also encouraged her to take her receipt or packaging to her local store to receive a refund.

“We've also passed your feedback onto our team for their awareness and review,” the employee wrote.

Two photos showing the steak before and after it was cooked.
The shopper claimed she didn't interfere with the steak before it fell apart. Source: Facebook

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia the supermarket didn’t bundle small bits of meat together to form larger cuts.

“We pride ourselves on providing high quality meat cuts to our customers and we're disappointed to see this customer received one well below our usual standards,” they said.

“We have contacted the customer for more information and have offered them a refund. Product quality is essential to our business and we’ll be following this up with our meat production partners.

“If our customers have any concerns about the quality of the meat they receive, we always encourage them to contact their local store to replace or refund the product.”

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