Shocking moment MMA fighter 'tries to kill' KO'd opponent

An MMA fighter has been disqualified over a sickening act of violence towards an unconscious opponent.

Austin Batra was fighting Perry Hayer in a Battlefield Fight League match for the Amateur Welterweight Championship in Canada last month when the awful moment occurred.

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Batra floored Hayer with a huge left hook, knocking his opponent out cold before he hit the mat.

The referee immediately rushed in to call off the fight, putting his body in the firing line to signal to Batra not to continue the attack.

Batra launched at his clearly KO’d opponent. Image: Twitter

However Batra with either didn’t get the message, or didn’t care, launching himself at a clearly KO’d Hayer and unleashing an insane double-fisted axe-handle strike.

Luckily for Hayer it looked like the vicious attack didn’t hit the mark, but Batra was still disqualified for the shocking act.

However what was worse was the remorseless response he offered after the fight.

“I just followed my game plan and that was to kill,” he said.

“I didn’t stop until the referee actually stopped the fight.”

Batra claimed he’d already jumped before the referee stopped the fight, but as you can see in the video at the top, that’s very questionable.

Hayer was also not convinced by that, telling MMA Fighting he saw the act as “very blatant”.

“At the end of the day, I’ve been doing this a long time, he caught me, he won the fight, I’m not denying any of that. But I think 10 times out of 10 he does the exact same thing,” he said.

“We saw the video. He put his hands down, he relaxed, the referee moved in and he chose to jump on me.

“His emotions got the best of him and it shows how young he is, how much he has to learn still.”

Fans were understandably furious with what they’d seen, with some calling for Batra to be banned for life.