'Shocking' - Marco's assessment of Patrick Roberts' disappointing season

Patrick Roberts
[Getty Images]

Marco Gabbiadini has reflected on Patrick Roberts' season so far as "disappointing" with "shocking" outcomes.

Discussing the Sunderland winger's missed effort v Watford, as a pundit on BBC Radio Newcastle's Total Sport, the former Black Cats striker said, "It was absolutely poor.

"He'll be disappointed. He didn't mean to do it. It's just one of those things. He didn't sort his feet out in that situation.

"Last year, he was a joy to watch. Him and Amad, they were like some kind of party trick in the final third. You couldn't get the ball off the pair of them. They were all over the place.

"This year, maybe he's just not happy, maybe he's missing having a play on the same wavelength as him but the bottom line is his season has been a disappointment because his outcomes have been shocking."

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